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January 16, 2012

Kumbaya Salesforce, Kumbaya

by @SeanCRM

Welcome to 2012 Everyone!  So I started to think back on 2011 and what I was grateful for  last year, and what I’m grateful for going into 2012.  Of course as a huge Cloud Computing and geek I immediately began to think about some of the cool features and platforms that 2011 brought.  For all of us social media enthusiasts, what did we do before obsessively checking our Klout scores daily?  I can’t even imagine living in a world without Twitter, and of course last year brought us the Winter ’12 release of Salesforce with features such as Social Contacts, Cloud-Based Flow Designer and Siteforce.  It was definitely a great year!

When looking at all of the cool new technologies which I’m super stoked about, there’s one thing they all have in common.  They are all Social, and who better to adopt these new Social tools then the Salesforce Community!  As a community we have amazing resources like Twitter giving us the ability to collaborate on all things just by using the hash tag #AskForce and the Developerforce message boards where 100’s of Salesforce Guru’s are more then happy to share their knowledge in order to help our community continue to grow.

One of the strongest resources in the Salesforce community are the many Salesforce User Groups around the Country.  Salesforce User Groups allow true Salesforce Evangelists like @CRMJen and @Jhoskins who lead the “Core-lando” Orlando Salesforce User Group (had to shout out my #OSUG tweeps), to create an environment where Users, Administrators, and Developers at all skill levels can come and take advantage of the shared Salesforce Knowledge.  And of course there are the Salesforce veterans that are always happy to share some Kool-Aid with the Salesforce Newbies.

Salesforce is a great technology, but it’s not just the technology behind all of the Clouds that makes it so powerful, it’s the people.  The Salesforce community is made up of thousands of passionate Salesforce users that want nothing more than to see every business, every user, every future Salesforce Evangelist be successful.   The old “Big Software” way of thinking where knowledge is tightly held and sharing ideas was unthinkable is being broken down by a new Social and Collaborative way of doing business where we each become more successful by helping each other.  And for that I say Thank You! to the entire Salesforce community.  Kumbaya!

Jumping off of my Salesforce soap box for a moment I also wanted to take a minute to say Thank You to all of the men and women of our Armed Services.  Of course there is a special level of gratitude that must go out to the 471 service people that gave their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq during 2011 in defense of our Country.  “All Gave Some, Some Gave All”.

If you can spare a moment please click on the link to Army Ranger LT Steven Hail’s blog where he is running 1 mile for each of the lives lost during Operation Enduring Freedom in order to pay tribute and honor the memory of America’s fallen hero’s.

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